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I am a wife to the most amazing husband a girl could ask for and a Mother to the most beautiful little eleven year old and 2 year old girls in the world. I might be biased because their mine, but they are what makes my life beautiful.

A few things that I love: baking, singing, chocolate, reading a good book, being with family, quilting, the holidays, and obviously photography.

I am a family photographer based out of the Lehi, Utah area. I’ve always loved photography and taking pictures. When I got married I could hold the stack of photos from my entire life in my hand. I wanted to make new memories and document my life with my husband so I carried our little camera everywhere we went. When I had our little girl my husband bought me a real camera and tried to soak up everything I could about photography. My goal was only to freeze the moments in my life that I didn’t want to forget. Her little chubby fingers and his handsome smile. The more I did the more I wanted to learn.

I love photography because pictures give us something to hold onto, they help us remember things that would be long forgotten, and they can tell a beautiful story.  Let me tell yours. 

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